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Business Meeting

Consultation and Planning 

At Empire Estates we believe that consultation and planning is an important first step in your home building journey. Our team of professional architects will work with you to design your dream home, and our builder will provide you with a detailed construction schedule, timelines, and discuss different factors that could affect this timeline. 


Finalizing Design and Contract

Once you’ve finalized the design of your dream home with our creative team and signed the contract with us; the project manager will provide you with final blueprints, cost estimates, schedules, timelines, 3D images, and the login to your Empire Estates account to track your home building journey.

Concrete Foundation

Digging and Foundation

Our well experienced contractors will start the digging and pour the concreate to build a strong foundation for your home.



After the foundation work is complete our contractors will start framing your home, starting from basement to the roof. Followed by installing state of the art energy efficient windows and doors.


Rough ins

Our professional team of licensed electricians, plumber, HVAC, and swears contractors will install the electrical wiring, plumbing for bathrooms and kitchens, heater and air conditioner, and sewers for waste. 



After the rough ins are complete, our licensed general contractors will start the final stages of your home including: weather and noise insulation, drywall, floors, paint, outlets and switches, cabinets, counter tops, bathrooms, kitchen appliances, electrical and plumbing fixtures, lawn, sprinklers, et cetera. 


Final Walk Through

 At competition of your dream home our project manager at Empire Estates will do a final walk through with you to make sure everything is as you imagined or better. 

The New House

Move in

Congratulations on your new home, now it’s time to throw a house warming party and move in! 

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